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  • Sherwood Art Week 2014

    We are one of the official sponsors of this years Sherwood Art week from Saturday 21st to Sunday 29th June. If you live in our around Nottingham it's really worth coming down to check it out. One of the unique things that happens every year at the Sherwood Art week is the Art in the Shops, where local businesses show their support by showcasing some really talented work by local artists, local school groups, and members of the public. This is shown all week, so there's always time to take a look. On the first Saturday there will be the Secret Garden Craft Fair, which in addition to selling crafty pieces, will also be serving hot food....
  • Making a Stretched Canvas

    How to make your own perfect stretched canvas featuring a youtube clip originally created by Steuart Pittman, featuring the music of Boomerang Boomerang.

  • How to make oil paint

    We recently helped you understand how to make your own perfect stretched canvas now it's time to know the secret to making your own oil paint....

  • Mabef easels Care and how to maintain.

    Mabef info about how to look after and care for your easel.

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