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Crafter’s Acrylics Koi Plaque

Jan 1, 1970

This is my new project using DecoArt Crafters Acrylics from Mark ( plus an interference medium acrylic and a little bit of airbrush. Only a little bit of airbrush as it broke on me!

Still my friend (Margaret) at The Wooden Koi Carp Company seems pleased with what I have done.

The company make and decoarte wooden plaques and I was kindly asked if I’d like to do a few one off’s to add a different feel to the range.  As there is a strong Japanese feel to the work they usually do, I have tried to capture that in my own style.

The plaque in the picture is the unusual size of 4″x12″

I do have more to do and many more ideas to try out, but this is my first attempt. If you are an acrylic artist these Crafters Acrylics are very useful as a general primer, for under colouring and as fine liners.

Until next time

  Robert Gellion

Robert Gellion Koi Carp



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