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The Lush World of Oil Paint: From Pigment to Palette.

Hi Everyone, just a quick few lines about Pebeo Studio Acrylics High Viscosity.


Mark from Local Art Shop gave me a couple of tubes of this Pebeo Acrylic paint to try out, I thought to get a real feel for the paints I would give them to one or two of my art students to try out.


Brenda is a very good drafts woman, but she claims to be frightened of using colour! I knew she had a soft spot for Fifties horror film posters, and thought these paints would be ideal for recreating one of those. She agreed to try the Pebeo Acrylic Paints out, and I will let you be the judge of her work – but she did say she liked the paints and enjoyed using them. The other piece is by another student of mine, Josie. Josie prefers to paint as she feels her drawing is not her forte. Again she really did enjoy working with these paints. Both ladies have worked in acrylics before, and both are very impressed by the Pebeo Acrylic Paints.




Personally, I think that they are the best mid-range set of acrylics I have come across. The only minor issue I found was that the colours on the outside of the tubes sometimes do not properly reflect the colour of the actual paint. A tip I stole off one of my students, is to put a spot of the paint on the outside of it’s tube, and then let it dry. This way you’ll have a true representation of the dry paint so accurately choose the colours.

I was so impressed with the few paints I got to try out, I purchased the 40 Set of Pebeo Acrylic Paints!



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