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The Lush World of Oil Paint: From Pigment to Palette.

Hello Everyone

I have just got back from a little trip to London. Whilst I was there I did some sight seeing and went to a show or two, but I was most looking forward to a couple of hours in the National Gallery.

This means a visit to The Leonardo Cartoon, also known as The Burlington House Cartoon, which always make me shed a tear. I was lucky enough this time to have a bit of spare time so I tried to sketch a representation of this great work by Leonardo da Vinci.

As you can see, I didn’t get it right the first time. The two faces at the top of the page were the first try and I missed the mark slightly on them.

I decided to concentrate solely on Mary. Better then my previous two attempts I thought but I still feel that I missed the mark a bit. However you have to remember this was done on location in the gallery itself! Not the most peaceful atmosphere.


My Sketch at the National Gallery


The piece was done using the Inktense Blocks I have mentioned in previous Blogs, and I’m now becoming quite comfortable and satisfied that this sketching technique works.

Until next time



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