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Lyra Rembrandt polycolor pencils


24 Polycolor coloured pencils  Rembrandt by Lyra £28.08

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Grey tone Rembrandt polycolor pencil set Lyra £14.59

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Polycolour coloured pencils set Rembrandt by Lyra £14.59

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Lyra Rembrandt polycolor pencils.

Break resistant leads helps these pencils last longer
Hi-quality coloured pencils for artists, graphic designers, and architects.
Their brilliance, light and water resistance and the particular smoothness of the leads meets the highest demands.
These artist pencils enable the user to achieve fine, exact contours, high brilliance and great results.

12 coloured pencils set contains: White, Lemon, Light orange, Pale geranium lake, Dark carmine, Light blue, Prussian blue, Lawn green, Apple green, Van Dyck brown, Venetian red, Black.

12 greytone pencils contains: White, Cold light grey, Cold silver grey, Cold medium grey, Cold dark grey, Black, Warm light grey, Warm silver grey, Warm medium grey, Warm dark grey, Soft black, Hard black.

24 coloured pencils contains: White, Lemon cadmium, Lemon, Canary yellow, Light orange, Dark orange, Pale geranium lake, Rose carmine, Dark carmine, Light cobolt, Light blue, True blue, Prussian blue, Night green, Lawn green, Moss green, Apple green, Dark Sepia, Van Dyck brown, Gold ochre, Burnt ochre, Venetian red, Pompejan red, Black.

Artists Level: Professional

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