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  • Tala Madani Artist Exhibit

    Award winning contemporary artist Tala Madini brings her brand of edgy, comical and somewhat debaucherous art to the Nottingham Contemporary art centre...

  • A Brief History of Paper

    We all know what paper is, it’s something that every one of us relies on every day. From an early age it is the physical representation of our imaginations, a blank area for us to enrich with the wild and fantastical thoughts that rush through our minds...

  • Understanding Watercolour Paper

    Types of Watercolour Paper. There are three types of paper which have different textures...........

  • The Phoenix Art Society

    The Phoenix Art Society New Memebr

  • Aesthetica Art Prize

    Aesthetica Art Prize entries from artists working in all media

  • Sketching in Yorkshire

    This scene is of the bridge at Hardraw. To create this picture I have used.....

  • How to Use Masking Fluid Watercolour Painting

    Masking fluid is a rubberised solution which can be used to block out an area of your painting. This is then left to dry, enabling you to.....

  • Competition Entries

    Entries for our July 2013 compition to win one prize of £100 of products from

  • Shapes Pop Gallery City of London

    Shape have turned five floors of contemporary office space into a showcase of diversity with over 30 disabled artists and 130 artworks.

  • Happy New 2013!




    Happy New Year to everyone and welcome into 2013! I hope you all had a good one!


    I definitely enjoyed my time off but glad to be back to normal now!


    I've had a wonderful Christmas, been completely spoilt by my amazing boyfriend and have really....

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