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The Lush World of Oil Paint: From Pigment to Palette.

Drawing outside, away from my studio is a real treat, especially when it seems difficult to find the time (and right weather conditions) to go out and sketch. One trick I have found to help me get around this is to take my sketchbook with me whenever I know I’ll be waiting around, be that the doctors, dentists or any other appointment! 


Recently I have taken with me my new Caran D’Ache water reservoir pen along with a couple of Derwent Inktense blocks;



I find the Ink Black and Bark colours mixed together make a really nice sepia colour.


I can sit and draw oblivious of the time passing by and be in a real undisturbed world of my own until my appointment time.


The brush is very good and very versatile – I like it so much I wish it came in different brush sizes! A slightly smaller brush head would suit my style really well.


I find it handy to have a tissue or piece of kitchen towel with you to wipe the tip of the brush on and keep your work clean.


From experience as teaching art, I have found that many of my students like this type of brush pen to work with as they feel like they have more control over the paint. The brush with water reservoir can be refilled exceptionally easily by just unscrewing the reservoir, dipping the end into water, and pulling the plunger up. This quickly and cleanly fills up the reservoir for continued use. The plunger also gives extra control to the amount of water flow by being able to control the flow of the water, meaning you can create many different brush effects, which is a unique feature that I have found with the Caran D’Ache brush. On the side of the brush there is a pressure point to control the release and placement of the water, making this ideal to work with in the field.



All in all the Caran D’Ache water reservoir brush is a great addition to my pencil case. Now hopefully as the weather slowly improves I can get out there and get some more sketching done!


Other mediums this brush can be used with are watercolours and water soluble graphite pencils. Take a look at our YouTube video on water soluble graphite pencils being used with a water reservoir brush;

Working with Water Soluble Graphite Pencils – Tips Tricks & Techniques







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