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Van gogh water colour pocket box 12+3 half pans free


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Van Gogh Water colour paint set 12+3 half pans

Approximate size: 14cm x 9.5cm x 2.3cm. 108 Chinese white, 227 yellow ochre, 254 Permanent lemon yellow 269 Azo yellow medium, 331 Mader red deep, 370 permanent red light, 411 burnt Sienna, 506 ultramarine deep, 535 Cerilean blue, 616. Viridian, 623 Sap green, 708 panes grey, 366 Quinacridone rose, 508 Prussian blue, 409 Burnt umber, Lid has is 6 Wells, which is removable, folded brushes, numbers 6. Pans can be popped out. Van Gogh is a brand for serious artists with an eye quality. The watercolour paints of van Gogh’s brilliant and intense paint that is very transparent. All colours have the highest degree of light fastness. Due to the purity of the colours are easy to mix and wash to create the tiniest of difference in shade. Quality, that’s what you choose A new idea, a new discovery. That is what every artist is constantly looking for. Van Gogh is the brand for the adventurous, studying artist that is always on the lookout for the best way to tell his or her story. The artists ‘ paint Van Gogh remains as innovative and modern as Vincent Van Gogh was in his time. Every day we are trying to provide you, our source of inspiration, with a complete line of artists ‘ materials. From acrylic colours to oil colours, and from water colours to oil pastels. Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh painted not only oil paintings, but also beautiful water colours? And that he developed from a realistic to a more impressionist painter, refined his pointillism technique and eventually focused totally on experimenting with colours? Vincent continued to reinvent himself and dared to go that step further. Van Gogh challenges you as well, to develop your own unique way of working with a complete assortment of quality artist paints.


  • Brand: Royal Talens
  • Barcode: 8712079344955
  • MPN: 20808632
  • Box Dimensions : 14 x 9.5 x 2.6 cm
  • Artists Level: Student

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