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Sennelier Artist Oil Colour Paint Test Pack 21ml tubes


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Sennelier artist oil colour Test Pack 21ml tubes 0.7 US fl oz.

Colour in tin: Titanium white 116, Lemon Yellow 501, Alizarin Crimson 695, Ultramarine Deep 315, Ivory black 755.

Artist Extra Fine Quality Oil Colours 5 tubes, this pack has been designed for artists wishing to have a taster of professional level paints without spending a lot of money.

Sennelier artist oil colours are ground with especially refined safflower oil that yellows less than linseed oil, dries better than poppy seed oil and gives paints a buttery texture. Sennelier’s passion for colour chemistry and focused pigment research led to the development of a distinctive oil colour manufacturing process that has been employed for generations.

Sennelier gathers only the finest natural and inorganic pigments from around the world. The pure pigments are ground very slowly with extreme care to an extra-fine consistency. They are then combined at maximum concentration with an archival safflower oil to yield the highest possible tinting strength and a lustrous satin finish.

The sensuous pigments have a unique buttery texture, a consistency originally developed for the expressive style of the Impressionist painters who frequented the Sennelier store in the 19th century. Sennelier’s meticulous work, his vast knowledge of pigments, his talents as a colourist, and collaboration with Cezanne and other Masters gave rise to a palette of oil colours that quickly became the standard of quality. Favoured by some of the greatest artists (Monet, Gauguin, Matisse, Picasso, Bonnard, Modigliani, Chagall, Ernst, Hockney), Sennelier oils hang in the world’s most prestigious museums. Today, Sennelier’s classic palette is expanding with 50 new, original shades that encompass contemporary trends and tastes. These colours, still as smooth and luminous as ever, offer an updated texture with firmer body to accommodate the requirements of 21st century artists. Utilizing the time-honoured, exacting methods perfected for over one hundred years, the new paints are produced under the watchful eye of Dominique Sennelier. At Sennelier, tradition meets the needs of today’s artists and the innovations of modern chemistry. Sennelier proudly introduces the next generation of oils, a collection of professional, extra-fine colours that reinvents your palette and redefines quality.


  • Barcode: 3046450728429
  • MPN: N130353.00
  • Box Dimensions : 14.5 x 12 x 4 cm
  • Artists Level: Professional

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