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Pebeo Marbling 45ml bengal pink


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9 colours for creating marble effects. Not only on fabrics, Marbling can also be applied to clear and porous surfaces (paper, plaster, etc).
QUALITY: fluid, vivid and intense water-based thermo-fixable colours (for textiles).
The colours are ready to use and can be mixed together, thus enabling many shades to be obtained.
The colours must be applied using a thickening bath to enable their diffusion.
Simplified and modernised bath technique
DRYING: air-dry in minutes.
SURFACES: paper, most light fabrics, plaster…
OPACITY: transparent colours.
FINISH: gloss.
FIXING FOR TEXTILES: 5 minutes on the back of the fabric, without steam in the cotton position or
5 minutes at 150 °C in the oven.
water. NUMBER OF COLOURS: 9 colours.
– 45 ml bottle with a dropper nozzle – All colours.
– 45 ml bottle – Marbling bath
Protect from freezing
Pebeo’ss Marbling colours are used according to a technique inspired by Japanese Marbling on rice
paper in the eleventh century (Sumi nagashi), and then in Europe by nineteenth century bookbinders.
It is the process of transferring colours by simple contact with the object to decorate, on a coloured
surface. This technique requires patience and attention, as well as a little practice.
It can be used in creations on all light surfaces: fabric, paper, card, recycled paper, wood, plaster, etc.
On fabric, fix the colours to the iron after drying.
The thickener bath can be used for several successive projects. It is, nevertheless, best to use a small
amount of thickening bath and change it often.
The thickener bath must be prepared in advance.
Sprinkle 2 teaspoons (7 g) of Marbling thickener in 1 litre of cold water while stirring vigorously with
a whisk and let stand for 2 hours.
Then pour a 1 to 2-cm thick layer of gel into a plastic tray or dish that is larger than the objects to be
Marbling PROCESS
1. Using the dropper, carefully place the chosen Marbling colours on the surface of the bath.
Ideally alternate light and dark colours: they superimpose but never mix.
2. Let the drops spread out for a few seconds before working with a stick. By guiding the
colours in different ways you can achieve a variety of patterns and Marbling effects:
stippled, combed effects, etc. Just deposit the drops of colour into each other to get
concentric effects.
3. Once the Marbling is complete, carefully place the decorating fabric or paper, cut to size,
on the surface of the coloured bath. Let stand 10 to 15 seconds before removing. Rinse
quickly under running water to remove excess gel + colour mixture. Place the decorated
object on a flat surface and allow to dry
These indications are given for information only. It is advisable to always carry out
preliminary tests on the chosen object before starting work.
On some media Marbling colours can lighten, to a greater or lesser extent, on drying. For
textiles, preferably use satin lining, since its glossy finish will revive the Marbling colours.
Decorating objects with Pébéo Marbling colours is also possible. If the object is flat. Proceed
as with fabric or paper. If it is big enough, go for simple shapes, so that all the faces of the object are
in contact with the coloured bath. Rotate the object on the surface of the bath without immersing it so
that the colour is deposited on the object.
Marbling paints can also be used in water without a Marbling bath. The marbled effect is then
narrower and the shades more pastel.
Ironing 5 minutes on cotton setting
For fixing machine wash at 40 °C
Recommendations: This information is presented for illustrative
purposes. It is advisable to always carry out preliminary tests on the
selected surface before starting a piece.

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