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oil paints Sennelier fine artists oil paint 10x 21ml tubes


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Sennelier Fine Artists’ Oils 10 x 21ml Tubes

The majority of colours are ground with a specially refined safflower oil that yellows less than linseed oil, dries better than poppyseed oil, and gives the paint its buttery texture. When the pigment properties demand it, alkali-refined linseed oil is used to preserve a colour’s purity, intensity and archival nature, this often occurs in darker shades, which are also less susceptible to yellowing.

This box contains a superbly balanced selection of 10 colours out of the 144 that comprises the Sennelier oil paint range. Colours included: Titanium white (series 1), Bright yellow (series 2), French vermilion (series 4), Permanent intense red (series 4) Ultramarine deep (series 2), Pthalo blue (series 3), Chromium green light (series 3), Yellow ochre (series 1), Burnt sienna (series 1), Ivory black (series 1)


  • Barcode: 3046451873630
  • MPN: N130222
  • Box Dimensions : 24 x 12 x 2.5 cm
  • Artists Level: Professional

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