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Daler Rowney Stay Wet palette Small acrylic paint pallete


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Daler Rowney Stay Wet Palette for acrylic painting. Small size.
Keeps Acrylic paint moist and workable for long Periods.
The Rowney Stay wet palette works by osmosis. Acrylic colours dry solely by evaporation, but when applied to the membrance of a Rowney stay wet palette, the water lost by evaporation is replaced by the moisture penetrating through the semi-permeable membrane from the reservoir paper.
This enable you to paint all day with the colours uncovered. When not in use cover the colours with the transparent lid as this will reduce evaporation and keep your acrylic colours moist and workable for days. Adding a little water to the reservoir will keep the colours moist and workable for weeks.


  • Brand: Daler Rowney
  • Barcode: 5011385520057
  • MPN: 121900110
  • Box Dimensions : 34.5 x 25 x 3.7 cm
  • Artists Level: Student

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Weight 350.0000 g
Artists Level


Art Medium




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