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Canson L’Aquarelle Heritage Cold Press Watercolour Block 300gsm paper 20 sheets


Canson Heritage Cold pressed block 100% cotton

Contains 20 sheets of 300 GSM – 140lb watercolour paper, acid-free paper. This is mould made, “handmade” paper, using high-quality sizing.

23cm x 31cm (9.1″ x 12.2″), 26cm x 36cm (10.2″ x 14.2″) or 31cm x 41cm ( 12.2″ x 16.1″)

What really sets this robust watercolour paper apart is the gelatin-free sizing, which allows artists to lift paint and to scrub at the paper without deterioration to the surface. It is possible to layer paints, returning to the same image and re-wetting the surface. Héritage is a very forgiving paper to paint on as it has the ability to make corrections whilst the paint is wet or after it has dried. Canson L’Aquarelle Heritage paper comes in a range of hot press rough and cold-pressed in sheets, blocks and pads.


 Artists Level: Professional

Local Art Shop recommended for

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Artists Level


Art Medium



300gsm (140lb)

Sizes Between

A4 – A3

Type of Item

Watercolour Pad

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