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My Comfort Zone

Jan 1, 1970

We artists all have at least one favourite type of brush, surface to paint on, or brand that we use. We all get comfortable with our tried and tested methods that we know produce great results, and for me this is watercolour. In the past I have experimented with many different brands and qualities, however always end up going back to my original brand that I’m familiar with for the past 50 years!

 As you know, artists quality watercolour paint is expensive, but do work out better value in the long run as you are paying for more pigment. However having a bad experience may make you reluctant to experiment with something different in the future.

 A problem I often find, is that whilst different brands call their colours the same name, they’re not manufactured with the same colour pigment ratios as other brands and you end up with two different colours. This obviously changes your end result and can put you off that particular brand of paint.

 When I got asked to try out these new Sennelier l’Aquarelle watercolour paints, I was slightly apprehensive to say to least, as it was taking me out of my comfort zone with the cost of the products, and lack of knowledge on the brand. I was advised these watercolours by Local Art Shop, and was more inclined to try them as they had previously recommended the Sennelier Acrylique acrylic paints, which have turned out the best I have ever used!

 I first used the paints on a Clairefontaine Etival pad which I had also been recommended

 Despite my large range of paint and my loyalty to my original brand, I can honestly say the Sennelier are simply better.

 The quality of the pigment meant I was able to use finer washes and layer the colours far better. To show you the quality of the pigment in the paints I have painted this picture using muted colours.


 I painted this image of the Coal Tits using the Sennelier l’Aquarelle paints. I started by stretching the paper, which I did by wetting one side of the paper and placing it on a piece of board before taping it down with Loxley tape.

  I have to admit that I am very impressed with the Sennelier paints. The main reason I took the risk buying the l’Aquarelle paints was because I was so impressed with Sennelier Acrylique acrylics and was eager to try more from the brand. If you are currently debating which artist quality paints to buy, I highly recommend giving Sennelier a try. They truly are the bees knees!



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