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The Lush World of Oil Paint: From Pigment to Palette.

Award winning contemporary artist Tala Madini brings her brand of edgy, comical and somewhat debaucherous art to the Nottingham Contemporary art centre. Her work ranging from paintings, to stop frame animation, conveys a variety of different portrayals and representations of masculinity, or in some cases, the lack thereof.

Madini was born in Tehran in 1981 and graduated from the Yale school of art in 2006. Since then she has had a number of exhibits shown worldwide and was awarded the Catherine Doctorow Prize for Contemporary Painting in 2013. Playing with a combination of perversity and absurdity, her work at first glance can appear to be bordering on the absurd or even disturbing. However her portrayal of themes of masculinity, coupled with the enactment of what society would deem obscene provokes much thought and consideration to the modern views of the contemporary man.

Madini’s first ever UK exhibition will be hosted by the Nottingham Contemporary art centre between the 25th of January 2014 and 23rd March 2014.

For more information please visit the official page of the Nottingham Contemporary Art Centre



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