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Tiny Turner Ethereal Pigment Single 0.5g Pot Aurora


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Discover the Magic of Tiny Turner Ethereal Colour-Shift Pigments
Elevate your artwork with the Tiny Turner Ethereal colour-shift pigments! Similar to our chameleon range, these pigments offer a stunning colour flip, creating a dynamic visual effect in your projects. However, the Ethereal pigments feature a unique white base, giving them a slightly transparent quality that allows for more creative possibilities.

Unique Features:
Colour Flip: Each pigment shifts colour, adding a chameleon-like effect.
White Base Transparency: Allows the base colour to subtly show through, creating depth and dimension.
Ideal for Resin Projects: Enhances resin art with vibrant, shifting colours.
Highlighted Colour:
‘Aurora’: A mesmerizing green to pink/violet colour flip, perfect for adding a magical touch to any piece.
Product Details:
Generous Quantity: You will receive 1 x 0.5g pot of mica powder/pigment, providing ample material for multiple projects.
Versatile Applications:
Our ethereal colour-shift pigments are perfect for a variety of uses:

Colouring Technique: Use with metal leaf size (e.g., Polyvine Acrylic Size) to adhere pigments to your work, allowing the background colour to show through at certain angles.
Resin Art: Mix into resin or brush into moulds and onto surfaces before coating with resin for a stunning effect.
Cosmetic Uses: Ideal for nail art and other creative cosmetic applications.
Why Choose Ethereal Pigments?
Transparency: Unlike the Chameleon range, the Ethereal pigments’ white base allows for more versatile and nuanced effects.
Stunning Results: Whether mixed into resin or used as a surface treatment, these pigments create captivating, shifting colours that enhance any project.
Transform your creative projects with the captivating Tiny Turner Ethereal pigments. Order your pot today and experience the magic of colour-shift pigments that bring your art to life with dynamic, shifting hues!

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