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Tiny Turner Ethereal Flakes 6 x 0.5g Pots


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Transform Your Art with Tiny Turner Ethereal Colour-Shift Flakes
Discover the magic of our colour-shift flakes, carefully chosen to provide a vibrant selection of gorgeous colours for your artistic projects. These ethereal flakes have a white base, making them slightly transparent and versatile for creating both vibrant and subtle colour effects depending on the base colour you apply them on.

Product Features:
White Base Transparency: Allows for versatile colour application, from vibrant to subtle.
Perfect for Resin Projects: Excellent for adding dynamic colour shifts to resin art.
Complete Set:
Tiny Turner Ethereal Flakes: Each set includes 0.5g jars of the following enchanting colours:
‘Imp’: Deep orangey red to gold shift
‘Elf’: Green to lilac shift
‘Pixie’: Hot pink to orange and lilac
‘Faerie’: Lilac to turquoise shift
‘Sprite’: Gold to amber shift
‘Wisp’: Blue to purple shift
Versatile Applications:
Our chameleon colour-shift flakes are perfect for various uses:

Colouring Technique: Use with metal leaf size (e.g., Polyvine Acrylic Size) to adhere flakes to your work.
Resin Art: Ideal for brushing into moulds or onto surfaces before coating with resin.
Cosmetic Uses: Perfect for nail art and other creative cosmetic applications.
Important Note:
Each colour has a slightly different volume due to the unique densities of the individual colours.

Enhance your creative projects with the captivating Tiny Turner Ethereal Flakes and watch your creations come to life with a stunning array of shifting colours. Order your full set of Tiny Turner Ethereal Flakes today and transform your artistic endeavors with a touch of ethereal beauty!

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