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Tiny Turner Chameleon Powder 6 x 0.5g Pots


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Elevate Your Art with Vibrant Chameleon Colour-Shift Mica Powders
Discover the enchanting beauty of our chameleon colour-shift mica powders! These exceptional powders have been handpicked to provide a vibrant selection of striking colours, perfect for adding a stunning finish to your work. I use these powders to give my textured, banded bowls their eye-catching appeal.

Product Details:
Unique Volume: Each colour varies slightly in volume due to different densities.
Generous Pack: Each pack contains 0.5g of the following captivating colours:
‘Inferno’: Deep orange to gold shift
‘Arcane’: Teal to vibrant purple shift
‘Aether’: Dark green to blue shift
‘Poison’: Deep pink to orange and green shift
‘Nature’: Grassy green to gold shift
‘Nether’: Dark blue/purple to deep red shift
Versatile Applications:
Our chameleon colour-shift mica powders are perfect for various uses:

Colouring Technique: Ideal for use with metal leaf size (e.g., Polyvine Acrylic Size) to adhere powders to your work.
Resin Art: Best applied by brushing into moulds or onto surfaces before coating with resin (avoid mixing directly with resin to prevent a grey appearance).
Cosmetic Applications: Perfect for nail art and other creative cosmetic uses.
Enhance your projects with the mesmerizing chameleon colour-shift mica powders and bring your creations to life with a stunning array of shifting colours. Add a touch of magic to your art and experience the vibrant difference. Order your chameleon colour-shift mica powders today and transform your artistic endeavors!

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Weight 25 g
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 3 cm
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