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Tiny Turner Chameleon powder 0.5g pots assorted colours single or pack


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Elevate Your Art with the Best Chameleon Colour-Shift Pigments Powders.

Experience the unparalleled magic of our vibrant chameleon colour-shift pigments! These exceptional pigments offer a stunning selection of striking colours, perfect for adding a dynamic touch to your creative projects. As the best pigments I have ever used, they deliver remarkable results every time.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Selection: a range of stunning colour-shifting pigments.
  • Unique Density: Each colour varies slightly in volume due to different densities.

Sold in a Single pot of 0.5g or a pack of 6. please select from option next to the small images. (Also our recommendation for the size /Glue/ gilding paste and brushes.)

  • Each pack contains 0.5g of the specified colours.
  • Pack: Each pack contains 0.5g of the following captivating colours:
    ‘Inferno’: Deep orange to gold shift
    ‘Arcane’: Teal to vibrant purple shift
    ‘Aether’: Dark green to blue shift
    ‘Poison’: Deep pink to orange and green shift
    ‘Nature’: Grassy green to gold shift
    ‘Nether’: Dark blue/purple to deep red shift
    Versatile Applications:

Versatile Applications:

Our chameleon colour-shift pigments are incredibly versatile and can be used in various applications:

  • Colouring Technique: Use with metal leaf size (e.g., Polyvine Acrylic Size) to adhere pigments to your work.
  • Resin Art: Ideal for brushing into moulds or onto surfaces before coating with resin (avoid mixing directly with resin as it may cause a grey appearance).
  • Cosmetic Applications: Perfect for nail art and other creative cosmetic uses.

Why These Are the Best Pigments:

  • Unmatched Quality: The vibrant, shifting colours bring an extraordinary depth and dimension to any project.
  • Superior Transparency: The white base allows for versatile use, creating both vibrant and subtle effects depending on the underlying colour.
  • Ease of Use: Whether mixed into resin or used as a surface treatment, these pigments are easy to work with and produce stunning results.

Enhance your projects with these top-quality chameleon colour-shift pigments and watch your creations come to life with a breathtaking array of shifting colours. Order now and bring a touch of magic to your art with the best pigments on the market!

The colour shift is amazing Emma (tiny Turner has made such a great product. Highly recommend them.

Top tip where a mask so you do not blow them away.

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