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Sennelier artists quality, Plein Air 36 Colour Landscape Oil Pastels Set wooden box set

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Sennelier Oil Pastels 36 colours for Plein Air Landscapes

These are from the Sennelier artists quality range and are some of the best oil pastels on the market.

Exceptionally creamy, lightfast and non-toxic. Includes foam lined storage box. Acid-free. Apply directly to paper, board, wood, canvas, ceramic, metal, plastic and glass. Colours can be worked on top of each other to create blended colour. Plein Air painting is a time-honoured tradition of setting up outside on location to make a painting both locally and when travelling.

The artist experiences a strong bond with nature. Colours are selected quickly while making one choice after another until the painting is completed. Often used as studies for larger pieces, the smaller Plein Air paintings have gained in popularity with collectors and first time buyers. Since 1887, Sennelier has a rich history of providing Plein Air painters like Cezanne with their colours.

This 36 colour Sennelier Plein Air Collection has been chosen for its simplicity and ability to mix a full spectrum of landscape colour, without carrying any extra weight in the field. Apply colours directly or mix colours on a support, blend with a rag or even your finger. Dilute colours with mineral spirits or turpentine, and blend them with a brush. If needed, first seal paper with gesso.

Can also be used for mixed media applications over watercolour, oil or acrylic paint.

Use on heavy paper (170gsm or heavier), any type of canvas, cardboard, wood, cork, plywood, masonite, ceramic, plaster, metal, plastic, glass and photographic prints.

Using a fixative is recommended when the painting is complete.

Oil pastel colours: 21,19,20,90,29,8,31,202,277,216,17,209,99,243,26,25,231,239,208,205,13,46,16,213,223,11,214,222,80,6,225,211,237,7,1,98


  • Barcode: 3046450514213
  • MPN: N132518.SF
  • Box Dimensions : 27.5 x 22.2 x 4 cm
  • Artists Level: Professional

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