Sennelier artists quality assorted extra soft half pastels 80

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Sennelier 80 Assorted Extra Soft Half Pastels

Since the turn of the century Sennelier's pastels have been viewed as one of the most vibrant and intense coloured Pastels in the world. Popular among pastelists, these pastels have a velvety feel and offer a variety of shades and tones due to it's high quality composition, which will compliment any surface. Due to the high level of concentrated pigments and lack of use of clay, these pastels are extremely lightfast and will create an intense line of colour with only a gentle press. These pastels also contain "Craie Champenoise" which helps to create a more varied shade of colour. Found only in Eastern France, this white pigment is well known for it's smooth texture. Held together by a natural binder, these water soluble pigments hold an intense and beautiful colour. This set offers an introduction to Sennelier at great value, making it appropriate for Professionals and Beginners alike Professional Pastelers will find that the robust form of the pastel is perfect for applying a borad and striking stroke of colour.


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