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Sennelier 24 artists oil colour mini stick wooden black box

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Sennelier professional wooden set with 24 artist' quality mini oil sticks.

Highly concentrated, top quality pigments with excellent lightfastness. how to use: peel off the protective film before use. can be applied to all traditional oil painting supports; painter's canvas, canvas boards, prepared boards, paper for painting. use in thin layers (maximum of 1mm). wait for the first layer to dry before adding a second layer. can be diluted with turpentine or petroleum for use with paintbrushes. can be used on their own or to complement oil paints.

Colours: gold (iridescent, serie 3), silver (iridescent, serie 2), yellow ochre (serie 1), burnt umber (serie 1), raw umber (serie 1), sepia (serie 2), payne's grey (serie 2), ivory black (serie 1), manganese violet (serie 2), ultramarine blue (serie 1), light blue (serie 1), primary blue (serie 1), turquoise blue (serie 1), cobolt green light (serie 2), olive green (serie 2), cadmium green light (serie 3), titanium white (serie 1), cadmium yellow lemon (serie 3), primary yellow (serie 1), cadmium yellow deep (serie 3), cadmium orange (serie 3), french vermilion (serie 1), primary red (serie 3), carmine red (serie 2).

These are a great medium for any oil paint artists wanting to jot down ideas in oil paint with out taking out tubes of paint. We highly recommend these sticks.


  • Brand: Sennelier
  • Barcode: 3046450763635
  • MPN: S72-130119
  • Medium: Oil
  • Box Dimensions : 23 x 22.5 x 8.5 cm
  • Artists Level: Professional

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