Royal Talens Rembrandt Oil Colour Paint Wooden Box Master set

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Royal Talens Rembrandt Oil Coulour Box Master
Set: 01840002
24 colours:
10 sheets of 15 mL:
283, permanent yellow light, 285 permanent yellow deep, 517 Kings blue, 576 Phthalo blue green, 339 light oxide red, 370 permanent red light, 395 permanent medium, 568 permanent blue Violet, 623 sap green, 735 oxide black will stop.
12 x 40 mL tubes: 254 permanent lemon yellow, 284 permanent yellow medium, 311 Vermilion, 377, permanent red medium, 366 Quinacridone rose, 506 ultramarine deep, 530 Sevres blue, 618 permanent green light, 615 Emerald green, 2 to 7 yellow ochre, 411 burnt Sienna, 409 burnt umber.
To tubes to 60 mL
104, zinc white, 105, titanium white.
3 bottles 75 ml auxiliaries:
Talens Odourless white spirit
Talens Painting medium
Talens Retouching varnish
4 brushes:
series 200 no. 10, series 208 no.14 (bleached Chinese hog bristle)
series 290 no. 6, series 291 no. 4 (polyester fibres, selected filament)
painting knife no. 3012
double palette cup
tube with 3 sticks charcoal
wooden palette
colour mixing brochure.

With found Rembrandt oil paints to have an amazing quality where the colour really pops out of the canvas. In the main this is due to the high quality pigment and quantity that they use in each colour as well as them lightfast finely ground and well-balanced. These would be loved by any professional artists working in oil paints and make an ideal gift.


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