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Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Discovery Set Painting on China 12x 20ml

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Water-based colours, deep and glossy, transparent or opaque, with a superb enamelled apperance after baking.
The colours are ready to use, just stir with a mixing stick before using.
For decorative use: air dry for 72 hours for light washing without soaking
For dishwasher safe: air dry for a minimum of 24 hours then bake at 150°c (300°F), in a domestic oven (at a stable temperature).
Suitable for porcelain, earthenware, ceramic and most bases that can withstand temperature of 150°c (300°F)
To thin use porcelaine 150 thinner.
After baking, resistant to dishwashing, alcohols, solvents and to normal detergents. For a better resistance/durability, use the dishwasher eco programme and ideally place in a top rack.
The porcelaine 150 outliners can be used for outlining work and containing colours
Markers are recommended for fine lines, strokes and writing.

12x20ml bottle Pebeo Porcelain 150 Pebeo discovery set

Colours: Gold, Ivory, Anthracite Black, Bronze Green, Sapphire Blue, Turquoise, Parma Violet, Fuchsia, Opaline Pink, Scarlet Red, Agate Orange, Marselles Yellow


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