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Paper, Canvas & Pads

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  1. Loxley canvas sheet pad primed cotton canvas 18"x14"

    Loxley Canvas Pad 18"x14".

    Made using 380gsm 100% Cotton Canvas.

    Canvas is ideal for artists painting with acrylic or oil colour paint.

    These canvas pads allow you to work on ideas while still getting the advantages and feel of working on canvas. Popular as it is a cheaper surface on which to paint than using a stretch canvas when developing your final pieces and a lot better than working on canvas textured paper.
    Loxley canvas pads have a quality surfaces with the convenience and flexibility of sheets.

    Loxley produced 2 sizes are available on local art shop and in store.

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  2. RK Burts fat pad Saunders Waterford 425 GSM 11" x 15 inch rough watercolour paper pad
  3. Loxley primed canvas sheet pad 12" x 10" Cotton Canvas

    Loxley Canvas Pad 12" x 10"

    100% Cotton Canvas, 380gsm.

    Choosing our canvas pad gives you the advantage of working on pre-primed cotton canvas in flexible sheet form. Saving you money over the costs of stretched canvases. Ideal for preliminary paintings and ideas. Or learning new techniques or medium.

    If you’re just starting out using acrylics or oils and intimidated by using a stretch canvas this is an ideal way to learn the advantages of painting on canvas instead of paper.

    Loxley produced 2 sizes, available on local art shop and in store.

    Please note contents may be changed at any time, without notice by the manufacturer.

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  4. Bockingford 4 sheets of 15" x 11" cold Press paper 425gsm (140lbs) watercolour Paper

    Bockingford Watercolour Paper 4 Sheets (1/4 full sheets) of 425gsm (200lb) Cold Press (NOT) Mould Made Acid Free Bockingfor is a beautiful English watercolour paper, traditionally made on cylinder mould machine at St Cutherts Mill. This is a high quality paper made using pure materials to archival standards. Its attractive surface is created using natural woollen felt that give it a distinctive random texture, appreciated for its excellent colour lifting abilities. This is an extremely forgiving watercolour paper values by professional and ameteur artists around the world. Bockingford offers quality watercolour paper at an affordable price so is one of Local Art Shops top recommendations to learn on. Learn More

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