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  1. Loxley canvas sheet pad primed cotton canvas 18"x14"

    Loxley Canvas Pad 18"x14".

    Made using 380gsm 100% Cotton Canvas.

    Canvas is ideal for artists painting with acrylic or oil colour paint.

    These canvas pads allow you to work on ideas while still getting the advantages and feel of working on canvas. Popular as it is a cheaper surface on which to paint than using a stretch canvas when developing your final pieces and a lot better than working on canvas textured paper.
    Loxley canvas pads have a quality surfaces with the convenience and flexibility of sheets.

    Loxley produced 2 sizes are available on local art shop and in store.

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  2. Loxley Ashgate Chunky canvas, single size boxes of stretched canvas

    Starting at: £39.90

    Loxley Ashgate chunky canvases discounts on box quantity, get massive savings on multiple purchases of preprimed stretched chunky canvas from Loxley.

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  3. Double Primed Acrylic Canvas Board from Loxley 20" x 8"

    Quality Double Primed Canvas Board from Loxley (20 x 8")

    An ideal canvas for anyone painting an extensive landscape.

    This 20 x 8 inch canvas is double primed and firmly attached to a strong pulp board.

    It can be used with any medium making it ideal for artists who enjoy working with a range of paints.

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  4. Quality Primed Canvas Board From Loxley - 7" x 5"

    Quality Acrylic Primed Canvas from Loxley (7" x 5") A miniature canvas board from Loxley, ideal for use with smaller projects particularly those focusing on detailed strokes. The canvas comes double primed and is fixed to a sturdy pulp board. Ideal for use with any medium, making it ideal for multi-media artists.

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  5. Loxley canvas panel made from 100% linen for oil and acrylic

    Loxley canvas board 12 x 12 inch

    Loxley Linen Panels feature a superior 100% natural linen canvas laminated onto high quality rigid MDF board offering excellent stability.

    Universally primed with a clear acid-free ground for acrylic and oil paints and most techniques including mixed media.

    Available in six popular sizes. 3mm thick.

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  6. Double primed acrylic canvas board from Loxley - 10" x 8"

    Double Primed Acrylic Canvas Board 10 x 8 inch from Loxley An ideal canvas for anyone working on a small, detailed project. This 10 ounce canvas board from Loxley is attached to a firm pulpwood base. Ideal for use with both acrylics and oils this canvas can be used with any medium of paint, making it highly versatile and great value for money.

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  7. Double Primed Acrylic Canvas Board from Loxley

    Double Primed Loxley Acrylic Canvas Board This 24 x 12 inch canvas board from Loxley is ideal for extended landscape paintings. Double primed, the 10 ounce canvas is firmly attached to a strong and resistant pulp board. The canvas is ideal with any medium, so it's a popular artist's choice.

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