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sennelier Gouache extra fine artists colour paint set of 5 x 21ml

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Sennelier extra fine artists quality Giuache paint starter set.

set contains: Titanium White 116, Cadmium Yellow Light Hue 539, Ruby Red 625, Cerulean Blue Hue 323, Ivory Black 755.


Wonderful for fine art painting. This range of colours is manufactured using Sennelier artists' quality pigments and superior quality natural gums. The unctuous consistency of these colours enables the creation of regular backgrounds. These Artists' quality Gouaches have exceptional colouring power and give deep and opaque brush strokes. These colours are mixable with each other and are highly colourfast (with the exception of a few clearly mentioned tones, necessary for illustration work). Sennelier Gouaches can be applied with a brush, air-brush or quill, on most types of thick paper and card. Water-soluble, they can be mixed with watercolours and inks in order to obtain other combinations of opacity or transparency.

This range of 59 Gouache Colours is made from Extra-Fine Sennelier pigments and highest quality natural gums. The smooth consistency of these colours allows an even, mat coverage. These Extra-Fine gouaches have an exceptional colour capacity and produce a deep and opaque mat effect. The colours can be mixed and most of them are very lightfast. Sennelier gouaches can be applied with a brush, airbrush or pen, onto most kinds of paper and card. Water-soluble, they can be mixed with watercolours and inks to obtain new combinations of opacity and transparency.


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