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Sennelier artist oil stick 6 38ml sets

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Artists oil sticks set of 6 quality professional oil paint sticks. Contains titanium white ivory black primary yellow primary red primary blue viridian sticks. Oil sticks offer all the advantages and colours of traditional oil in a useful stick form the colours can be applied directly onto the canvas or boards from the stick or using a brush can use mediums including Terps linseed. Sticks to have a skin layer which you need to do for use. They do dry quicker than traditional oil paints and will produce a thin layer of skin that would cover the stick if left fairly quickly.

Being a product from Sennelier a trust quality of the pigment colour richness and you know the end result will have a beautiful colour. Ideal for mapping out your ideas or taking out into the field or clubs to jot down your ideas.


  • Barcode: 3046450115359
  • MPN: N130123
  • Box Dimensions : 17 x 14.5 x 3.4 cm
  • Artists Level: Professional

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