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Pebeo Collection Studio XL Oil paint Set

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Pebeo collection studio XL oil paint box Pebeo Studio oil colour pints are glossy and intense smooth and fine. They offer remarkable stability over time. Dry to the touch 2-3 days for an average application. Allow 6-9 months of drying before varnishing. Surface used with include canvas, cardboard, wood.

This XL collection box set comes with: 12 tubes of 20ml studio XL oil paint. Primary cadium yellow imit. Cadium yellow deep imit, Cadium light red imit, Magenta, Ultramarine blue, Primary phthalo blue, Vivid turquoise, Sap green, Yellow ochre, Burnt umber, Payne's grey, Ivory black imit. 1 tube of 80ml Titanium white, 1 x 4mm 4artist Black marker, 1 palette. 3 canvas board 22cm x 16cm, 2 plastic knives. 1 plastic palette, 1 bottle of 75ml refined linseed oil. This set is ready to go


  • Barcode: 3167869201133
  • MPN: 920113
  • Box Dimensions : 39.5 x 28 x 4.7 cm
  • Artists Level: Student

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