Mijello Junior Watercolour Palette - Symphony

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Mijello Symphony junior watercolour palette MWP-3042.

Mijello are known around the world for juicing high quality artists painting palettes.

The simpler the junior watercolour palette is no exception. Well-designed folding palette so it can readily be held in either your left hand or your right hand with 24 small paint Wells perfect for holding your colour, 3 medium-sized Wells and one large well.

The material which colour becomes the more whiter more often use. As 100 sent whiter colour material suitable for use with watercolour paints without a surface treatment, it turns out to be the more whites if this is use for longer times which the surface being resembled. If it is being coloured while using it clean the surface with what water than magic cleaner then it becomes as clean as it was the first time.

The inside of the palette is specially treated so even paint squeezed outs and left to the completely dry out won’t fall off your palette.


  • Barcode: 8809109430242
  • MPN: MIJ-3042
  • Box Dimensions : 28 x 14 x 2.1 cm
  • Artists Level: Student

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