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  1. Disposable Palette Tear Off Paper Sheets

    Acrylic & Oil Disposable Palette Paper Tear Off Sheets 40 Learn More
  2. Ruling Pen

    Regular Price: £4.32

    Special Price £4.15

    Ruling Pen. Light weight ruling pen with adjustable line width Use for marking mounts, or use with masking fluid

    Learn More
  3. Marstons sta-wet sponge refill for handy palette

    Regular Price: £5.23

    Special Price £5.04

    Sta-wet Handy Palette Sponge (8.5" x 7" )

    Learn More
  4. Uni Kuru Toga 0.5 Mechanical Pencil New 2012 Design - Pink

    Uni Kuru Tonga Mechaincal Pencil, Pink Rotating action, Lead rotates to keep sharp Less Breakages, No chisel edge Includes Nano Diamond Blended Lead. Delivers a clean, consistaent and smoth writing line 0.5mm Lead Learn More
  5. CPA-A48Royal and Langnickel 48 soft pastels

    48 Soft Pastel Set by Royal & Langnickel Learn More
  6. Sennelier oil pastels 24 sticks, still life assorted range

    Sennelier Oil Pastels 24 Still Life In 1949 Sennelier started developing a range of artists' quality pastels for the famous artist Pablo Picasso. Picasso was looking for a pastel with intense colour that could be applied directly and freely to a wide variety of surfaces As a result Sennelier created an oil pastel with a soft creamy quality with all the intensity and vibrancy of conventional oil colours. However, unlike oil colours, Sennelier oil pastels are made using a unique combination of non-agressive oils and waxes so that they can be used on almost any surface, including paper, without cracking or affecting the substrate All 120 colours in the full range are 100% lightfast, making the Sennelier oil pastel range probably the only true artists' quality oil pastel in the world Learn More
  7. Golden Artist 6 Acrylic Gel Mediums & Moulding Pastes 6x 59ml Pots

    Golden Artst Colour 6 Acrylic Gel Medium & Moulding Pastes Soft Gel(gloss),RegularGel (semi-gloss), Extra Heavy Gel (matte), Light Molding paste, Coarse Pumice Gel, Clear Tar Gel Introduction acrylic gel medium & moulding paste set, New techniques are waiting to be discovered. The 6 mediums in this set offer the opportunity to experiment with tools that broaden working properties and expand possibilities. Learn More
  8. Sennelier travel watercolour artists set

    Sennelier L'Aquarelle Extra Fine Watercolour Half Pans & Brush Set - Travel box Honey based watercolour paint Learn More
  9. Travel Box 8 10ml Tubes & Brush Sennelier l'Aquarelle Watercolour

    Travel Box 8 10ml Tubes & Brush This compact set is an essential travel companion for the adventurous watercolorist. The hard-shell case contains eight 1ml tubes of Artists watercolor plus a sable travel brush that fits into the sliding palette drawer. Learn More
  10. Royal & Langnickel Artist student Paint 12 colour Set Gouache 21ml tube

    Royal & Langnickel gouache is an opaque paint that produces smooth washes with good coverage. Wet on Wet Technique - Use a silk sponge to wet the paper. Colours will spread easily and will appear fuzzy. Bold Colour Technique - Use the colours full strength for bold opaque coverage or miz them together for more colour tints Learn More
  11. Life Drawing Set Tin - Small Size

    Regular Price: £6.10

    Special Price £4.90

    Small Tin Life Drawing Set Learn More
  12. Sennelier Liquid Gum Arabic (Gomme Arabique Liquide) 60ml

    Sennelier Liquid Gum Arabic (Gomme Arabique Liquide) 60ml glass bottle Mixable with watercolour or Gouache to impove glossiness Colourless, it can also be varnish. Most watercolors contain a portion of gum arabic. It has the consistency of honey or light corn syrup it is used as a binder for watercolor paints. As a medium gum arabic increases the gloss and transparency of watercolors. Gum Arabic also helps slow down the drying time of paint giving you more time to work with you washes. How to Use it: Never use gum arabic straight out of the bottle. Always use it with water. At the very least use a small water resevoir with 8 oz water about 20 drops of Gum arabic. I also will sometimes use Gum arabic in my main painting water. Then you just use your water the same as you would if it didn’t have gum arabic. Something to be aware of if you use gum arabic your paint will lift off the paper more easily,so if you plan to use several layers of colors over other colors don’t use gum arabic. Learn More

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