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  1. Van Gogh Water colour Set Metal 12 pan watercolour paint

    Van Gogh Water colour Set 12 pans in a Metal palette,( 20M8612 ) palette approximately closed size: 12 cm,x 6.5cm x 2 cm palette opens and 3 having 3 Wells central section holding the 12 pans and the folding Brundage, the 3rd opens section with 5 small indentation wells. Contains colours: 108 Chinese White, 254 Permanent Lemon Yellow, 269 Azo Yellow medium, 370 Permanent Red Light, 331 Madder Lake Deep, 506 Ultramarine Deep, 512 cobalt blue ultramarine, 616 . Viridian, 662 permanent green, 227 yellow ochre, 411, burnt Sienna, 708 panes grey. Van Gogh watercolour paints is a brand for serious artist with an eye for quality. Van Gogh watercolours is a brilliant and intense pain that is very transparent. All colours have the highest degree of light fastness. Due to the purity of the colours and are easy to mix and wash to create a sutlist that of difference in shades. Learn More
  2. Van Gogh Water colour Box Wooden 8624 pan

    Regular Price: £73.41

    Special Price £71.95

    Van Gogh Water colour Box Wooden 8624 van Gogh is a brand for serious artists with an eye quality. The watercolour paints of van Gogh's brilliant and intense paint that is very transparent. All colours have the highest degree of light fastness. Due to the purity of the colours are easy to mix and wash to create the tiniest of difference in shade. This set contains: 24 pans in a wooden box plus mixing palette and the paint brush. Colours in set: Chinese white permanent lemon yellow, Azo yellow light, Azo yellow dark Gamboge. Permanent orange, Vermillion, permanent red light, permanent red dark, madder Lake dark, Quinacidone rose. Cerlean blue, cobalt blue(ultram) ultramarine dark Prussian blue, sap green, permanent green, Hookers green dark, viridian, yellow ochre, burnt Sienna, burnt umber, sepia, panes grey. Quality, that's what you choose A new idea, a new discovery. That is what every artist is constantly looking for. Van Gogh is the brand for the adventurous, studying artist that is always on the lookout for the best way to tell his or her story. The artists’ paint Van Gogh remains as innovative and modern as Vincent Van Gogh was in his time. Every day we are trying to provide you, our source of inspiration, with a complete line of artists’ materials. From acrylic colours to oil colours, and from water colours to oil pastels. Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh painted not only oil paintings, but also beautiful water colours? And that he developed from a realistic to a more impressionist painter, refined his pointillism technique and eventually focused totally on experimenting with colours? Vincent continued to reinvent himself and dared to go that step further. Van Gogh challenges you as well, to develop your own unique way of working with a complete assortment of quality artist paints. Learn More
  3. Pebeo Drawing Gum - 45ml or 250ml pots of Synthetic or Natural Latex Masking Fluid
  4. Royal Talens 24 pan Rembrandt water colour paint set 05M8624

    24 pan Rembrandt watercolour box with sable brush. Rembrandt water colour has the highest degree of lightfastness with very pure and intense colours. Perfectly thinnable with water with maximum degree of transparency due to the finest pigments in a pure quality of Gum Arabic. ontains: 24 pans (207-208-210-211-227-238-303-306-336-366-408-409-411-416-506-508-511-532-534-616-623-645-662-708) reversible brush series 110 no. 6 (round model, extra fine point, red sable hair) Learn More
  5. Fila Giotto 8 Aquerelli glitter watercolour block plus paint brush

    Regular Price: £3.99

    Special Price £3.59

    Fila Giotto acqerelli Glitter watercolour pan pan for kids. 8 colours filled with glitter in a plastic palette plus a brush. Learn More
  6. Masquepen professional artists 1oz Masking Fluid Drawing Gum

    Masquepen 1oz The Masquepen consists of a polythene reservoir containing 30ml of our pale blue masking fluid. The applicator has an 0.8mm nylon nib, making masking out of fine areas for watercolour painting such as petals, masts, windows, rigging etc so much easier. Because of the built in applicator there are no more ruined brushes and it is as easy to use as a fountain pen with no waste. The masking fluid is pale blue in colour making it easy to see where it has been applied. Once dry it is easy to remove by gently rubbing. Learn More
  7. Sennelier watercolour pan set, 12 +6 1/2 pan in palette

    Sennelier Classic Metal 12+6 1/2 Pans Honey-based Luminous and rich Enamelled metal box, satin black exterior, white interior with a double lid which serves as a palette and includes a ring for the thumb. This set includes 18 1/2 pans of Sennelier Extra-Fine Watercolour and a brush. Lightfastness and stability. Colours Included: Lemon Yellow, French Vermilion, Alizarin Crimson, Carmine, Dioxazine Purple, Ultramarine Deep, Phthalocyanine Blue, Forest Green, Phthalo Green Light, Burnt Sienna, Payne's Grey, Warm Sepia and Naples Yellow Deep, Bright Red, Venetian Red, Cinereous Blue, Raw Umber & Ivory Black Image is of 48 colour set open Learn More
  8. Van Gogh Water colour Set 20Hp112 12x10ml Tube

    Van Gogh Water colour Set 20Hp112 12x10ml Learn More
  9. Sennelier L'Aquarelle watercolour paint metal tin set 12 x 10ml tubes

    Sennelier L'Aquarelle watercolour metal tin set 12 x 10ml tubes. Contains: 501 Lemon Yellow, 578 Sennelier Yellow Light, 675 French Vermillion, 636 Sennelier Red, 659 Opera Rose, 315 Ultramarine Deep, 326 Phthalocyanine Blue, 899 Forst Green, 805 Phthalo green Light, 201 Burnt Sienna, 703 Payne's Grey, 440 Warm Sepia. (manufacture may change with out notice) L'Aquarelle Sennelier has been produced in the same way for more than a century using the best pigments and top quality Kordofan Gum Arabic as a bonding agent. This mix of natural ingredients produces colours which have a smooth, bright texture and offer lively, colourful shades. The Gum Arabic and honey combination offers incomparable quality of application, producing superb washes. Then, this base is mixed with pigments and carefully ground. Sennelier makes sure to wet the pigments in purified water (with no mineral salts) for 24 hours before mixing them in with the bonding agent. This improves the way in which the colours and bonding merge together, in turn bringing out the full beauty of the colours. Learn More
  10. sennelier artists watercolour paint set in black box

    Sennelier black watercolour box. wooden set containing11 x 10ml watercolour tubes, 6"x4" watercolour pad, 2 brushes, 36.9ml bottle of drawing gum with 0.5mm nozzle and an enbroided cloth. these honey based watercolours are made in france. the honey not only acts as a preservative but also as an additive bestowing incomparable brilliance and smoothness to the paint. Sennelier always striving for excellence have revised its formula and increased the amount of honey to reinforce longevity, radiance and luminosity of the colours. true to their roots the colour palette remains that of the impressionists and made in the traditional methods. colours: lemon yellow (serie1), sennelier yellow light (serie1), french vermilion (serie 2), sennelier red (serie 2), ultramarine deep (serie 2), phthalocyanine blue (serie1), forest green (serie1), phthalo green light (serie1), burnt sienna (serie1), payne's grey (serie1), warm sepia (serie1). Brushes: Raphael red sable size 4 round, Raphael squirrel hair size 3/0. pad: 20 sheets cold pressed 140lb aquarelle watercolour paper 100% cellulose, no optical brighteners, acid free Learn More
  11. Daler Rowney Aquafine 24 half pan watercolour  paints in a metal painting palette

    A metal box set containing 24 Aquafine quality half pans. this set contains : Lemon Yellow 651, Cadmium Yellow Hue 620, Gamboge Hue 640, Cadmium Orange Hue 619, Vermillion Hue 588, Alizarin Crimson 515, Scarlet Lake 571, Cobalt Blue Hue 110, Prussian Blue 15, Sap Green 375, Viridian Hue 382, Yellow Ochre 663, Light Red 527, Burnt Sienna 221, Rose Madder Hue 563, Purple 433, Ultramarine 123, Coeruleum Hue 112, Leaf Green 355, Hookers Green 352, Burnt Umber 223, Paynes Grey 065 Ivory Black 034, Chinese White 001. (subject to manufactures change) Also contains free painting tutorial insde the box. Aquafine watercolours are made from a selection of modern high-quality pigments milled to perfection to offer optimal performance and control. Aquafine watercolours are rich, free-flowing transparent colours with excellent tinting strength and working properties that reliably produce beautiful, delicate washes. Learn More
  12. Sennelier artists watercolour paint 10ml tubes stand.

    Starting at: £7.40

    Sennelier Artists quality Watercolour Paint

    10ml tubes

    These top quality watercolour paints have been around for longer than a century and over those years has remained of the highest quality, consistently using only the finest pigments and the finest Korfdofan Gum arabic as a bonding agent.

    Learn More

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