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  1. Pebeo Artist Acrylic Pumice Mortar 250ml

    Regular Price: £10.34

    Special Price £9.83

    Pebeo's extra fine artists acrylics pumice stone mortar 250 mL. The mortar is made from acrylic polymer and finally crushed pumice stone, it gives it a fine grain effect, it can be used as is or mixed with acrylic colour. This mortar can be diluted simply with water filling with gels and mediums. The pumice stone mortar has a semi-matte finish. Learn More
  2. Pebeo Acrylic Gel medium
  3. oil paint brush cleaner Sennelier green for oil 250ml

    Sennelier Green for oil Oil Brush cleaner Discover Green for oil, a range of non-toxic non flamable non harmful natural ingedients painting additives for oil painting. for though cleaning of brushes, painting knives palletes, paint containers ect. Learn More
  4. Pebeo Artist Acrylic Heavy Gel 250ml Acrylic paint medium Gel Structure paint

    Regular Price: £12.07

    Special Price £11.47

    Pebeo Auxiliaries Artist Acrylic Heavy Gel/ Gel Structure

    250 ml jar.

    The heavy gel is a dense gel that is addedd to the colour which allows you to work in thick layers. The gel is opalescent and non-yellowing and can be added to the colour in mix of up to 50% for economy.

    The extended drying time allows you longer to work with your paint.

    Learn More

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4 Item(s)