Golden airbrush medium 8oz, 237ml

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Golden airbrush medium 237ml.

Thins acrylic for spraying. Add to acrylic paint, mediums and grounds for spraying.100% acrylic binder system designed for modifying Golden acrylic products for airbrush use. This product should not be used alone, it must be mixed with acrylic paint, mediums or grounds in the recommended ratios in order to create a useable material.

This is used by a lot of professional artist's to thin down their acrylic paints as it helps keep structure unlike water so retains paint film integrity.

Directions: pre-mix colours at least 5 minutes before use, this allows time for the foam generated by vigorous shaking ti dissipate before spraying. mix one part airbrush medium to one part fluid paint. one part heavy body paint to one part water then mix the thinned paint with one part airbrush medium. Prior to spraying it may be necessary to strain the diluted mixture to remove any larger particles. do not use as a varnish. always test your application. apply above 9 degrees celsius, clean with soap and water.


  • Brand: Golden
  • Barcode: 738797353558
  • MPN: G23-35355
  • Size: 237ml
  • Box Dimensions : 18.5 x 5 x 5 cm
  • Artists Level: Professional

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