An easel is a piece of equipment that every artist who paints or draws should have. Take a look at Local Art shop’s range of easels that include small table top easels, large wooden studio easels, field and travel easels. Find the type and style of easel that will cater for your style of painting whether you go outdoors painting and drawing plein air artwork style which would suit a tripod or field easel. Working on large final pieces in the studio you need to look at the large studio easel. A selection of small table top display easels allow you to show your work off in galleries or at home or use them for displaying menus in restaurants or for holding table plans at weddings. Whatever your needs Local Art shop has the easel for you including free UK mainland postage.

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  1. Mabef studio wooden easel

    Regular Price: £885.00

    Special Price £793.20

    Mabef M/04 studio easel with crank. 32 kg 70lbs. easel minimum size 205 cm (80 3/4"), maximum 390 cm (153 1/2") maximum canvas, 235 cm 92 12". Mabef M/04 studio easel with crank is constructed of oiled, stain resistant Beechwood. Paintable canvas edge accessories available optional. Ideal for very large canvases. Comes with mabef lifetime guarantee. Learn More
  2. Mabef M-02 studio easel

    Regular Price: £1,125.00

    Special Price £1,020.75

    HIeight : 80/120" (205/305cm) width: 39" (99cm) Depth : 26" (68cm) Weight 92lbs (42kg) Max canvas : 92" (235cm) mabef M/02 studio easel. Double pole with crank. Constructed of oiled, stain resistant Beechwood. Available in the electric version motor (220v) and with pedal and or remote control optional paintable canvas edge accessories available optional. Ideal for large canvases. Learn More
  3. Mabef M/01 electric with switch.

    Regular Price: £2,285.00

    Special Price £2,052.60

    mabef M/01 large studio easel, 44 kg (97lbs) minimum size 205 cm(80 inch) maximum 390 cm(153.5 inch) Max canvas 235 cm 92 1/2 inch. Electric, constructed of stain resistant beach wood, walnuts, lacquered. Available with 110 V or 220 V motor. Available with pedal and or remote control optional. Available in oil version. Ideal for restoration work. Mabef offers a lifetime guarantee on all their easel. Learn More
  4. Royal & Langnickel drawing sketching easel artists set 124 Pieces REA6250

    Regular Price: £88.02

    Special Price £68.85

    Roayl & Langickel sketching and drawing easel 124 pieces 12 colour pencils 6 fluorescent pencils 4 metallic pencils, 12 colour lead sticks 1 mannequin, 1 white eraser, 1 kneadable eraser, 1 white taklon brush, 12 watercolour pencils, 3 watercolour sketch pencils, 12 pastel pencils, 1 sandpaper block, 1 sharpner, 12 graphite pencils, 3 woodless pencil, 3 charcoal pencils, 3 woodless charcoal pencils, 4 natural charcoal vines, 6 lead stick, 6 charcoal sticks, 5 blending stumps, 1 drawing/sketching artist pad, 1 watercolour pencil artist pad, 1 artist easel Learn More
  5. Royal & Langnickel Mini wooden display Artists easel

    Regular Price: £2.79

    Special Price £2.55

    Royal & Langnickel Create able art Display Artists easel. Perfect for painting projects- easy display Artwork. (Small) 175mm leg length.100mm canvas rest. Learn More
  6. Mabef artists Big Wooden Studio Easel M/06

    Regular Price: £390.00

    Special Price £365.50

    Mabef M/06 big studio easel. 18.5 kg (40 3/4") easel minimum size hundred and 80 cm (77"), maximum size 375 cm (147 1/2") maximum canvas size 225 cm (88 1/2") constructed of oiled, stain resistant Beechwood. Adjustable working angle with no collapsible system. Printable canvas edge accessories available optional. Simple assembly required. Mabef offers a lifetime guarantee on this easel. Learn More
  7. Loxley hampshire easel with size localartshop

    Regular Price: £115.00

    Special Price £94.80

    Hampshire Loxley Lyre easel This superb solid studio lyre 'A' frame easel is made from seasoned elm wood. Its adjustability gives raise to numerous painting sizes. The lower canvas support is adjustable in height with the use of a metal ratchet mechanism Its back leg folds in to save space when not in use. Maximum canvas height is 1270mm. Easel height 1690mm Learn More
  8. mixed media priemer easel

    Regular Price: £88.02

    Special Price £62.99

    Royal & Langnickel Essentials All Media Easel Set 102 Pieces Includes: 1x Wooden Palette 12x 12ml Acrylic Paints 12x 12ml Oil Paints 12x 12ml Watercolour Paints 1x Oval Plastic Palette 4x Artist Guide Booklets (Acrylic, Oil Colour, Watercolour, Sketching & Drawing) 1x Artist Pad (Painting) 1x Artist Pad (Drawing) 1x Artist Brush Wrap 12x Oil Pastels 15x Soft Pastels 3x Gold Taklon Brushes 3x White Taklon Brushes 3x White Bristle Brushes 3x Palette Knives 1x White Eraser 1x Sharpener 12x Coloured Pencils 2x Graphite Pencils 1x Artist Pencil Wrap. These table top easels are constructed using timber, plywood and brass coloured fittings resulting in an easel which will provide lasting enjoyment whilst you develop your artistic skills. Once you have finished using the equipment supplied in the drawers you can simply remove the plastic trays and fill the drawers with your new artist supplies. The use of plywood helps keep the weight of this easel down whilst giving durability, however plywood is prone to minor blemishes such as dents, chips and scratches, as is the timber. The materials used make the easel a hardwearing yet affordable option for any beginner or student wishing to advance their art. Learn More
  9. Royal & Langnickel Naples wooden small easel

    Regular Price: £15.33

    Special Price £12.40

    Royal & Langnickel Naples wooden display easel. The Naples table display easel is approximately 15 inches (39 cm) top to bottom, by 5 inches (12 cm) wide, 6 1/4 inches (16 cm) deep. Maximum canvas is approximately 10 inches( 26 cm ) The canvas rests 10 1/4 inch with a lip at 18 mm. These are ideal for displaying photographs artwork small wedding plans shop notices etc. They made from oiled Beechwood, lightweight and compact perfectly gift. Learn More
  10. rive gauche sennelier oil colour paint set

    Regular Price: £109.00

    Special Price £90.80

    rive gauche oil paint wooden easel set Rive Gauche are fine oils designed to facilitate enthusiasts of this beautiful technique. Remaining true to its legendary sense if innovation, the researchers at Sennelier laboratory have developed an original formula that faciltates painting while shortening the drying time (dries twice as fast); greatly reducing yellowing and using new and high-performance pigments. Using safflower oil that yellows two times less, with a thick and uniform texture that gives a satin finish. Pigment is blended with safflower oil and most colours have a lighfast rating I (excludes Cadmium yellow deep hue). Cadmium subsitutes are used that offer opaqueness and luminosity properties equivalent to real cadmium. Contains 10 x 21ml fine oil colours; Titanium white, Primary yellow, Vermilion, Primary red, Ultramarine blue light, Primary blue, Sap green, Yellow ochre, Burnt sienna, Ivory black. 100ml bottle of green for oil liquid medium. 100 ml bottle of green for oil thiiner. Raphael brushes sizes 10 round and 12 flat. Rectangle wooden palette with thumb hole. Raphael mini honey based soap for brushes. 5" manikin. Please note contents may be altered without noticed by manufacturers at any time, subsituting colours or mediums. Learn More
  11. Studio wooden tripod kit easel vega fsc

    Regular Price: £39.99

    Special Price £39.20

    Solid beechwood tripod studio easel. Kit easel, easy to assemble with good assembly instructions. The canvas carrier can be adjusted for an optimal working height, and is fitted with a canvas clamp for extra canvas stability. Easy to fold. Also suitable for 3D stretched canvas. ground width :65 cm maximum canvas height: 123 cm total height: 169 – 235 cm weight :4.4 kg Learn More
  12. royal & Langnickel mixed media studio art set with 151pc

    Regular Price: £94.34

    Special Price £49.00

    Royal Langnickel's mixed media studio easel art set. Contains 50 oil pastels, 12 colour pencils, 6 graphite pencils, 12 acrylic paints 12 mL, 3 golden Taklon brushes, 3 black Taklon, 12 watercolour cakes, 12 sheets of mixed media paper, 35 sheets of drawing paper, 1 palette knife, 1 stretch canvas, 1 sharpener, 1 eraser, 1 real wood easel painted. Learn More

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