Decomarker 5 Set - Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green

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5 x round 1.2mm tip decoMarkers. Acrylic paint markers.

Water-based, permanent, opaque and covering marker that dries quickly. decoMarker is versatile, suited for all types of work and can be applied on multiple surfaces: paper, cardboard, wood, canvas, metal, plaster, plastic... Store flat and protect from freezing and heat.

Markers containing an acrylic water and pigment-based paint. It has a pump mechanism allowing more or less paint to flow to the nib, and therefore very good doseage when applied to the suface to be painted.

There is a replacement tip in the lid in order to optimise the use of each decoMarker. In case the nib originally mounted in the holder is damaged or unuseable.  Paint is air dry in 10 to 30 minutes to the touch and fully dry from 6-12 hours. To clean use soapy water before fully drying. Once objects are decorated they can be cleaned with a dry cloth, they can not be soaked.

First use:
1) Shake the marker with the lid closed for a minimum of 5 seconds.
2) Prime the tip (test surface different to the object to be decorated) press on the tip several times on a sheet of paper to soak it with paint. Priming is fast. There is no need to apply quick repetitive pressure. Keeping constant pressure on the tip once it partially retracts into the marker enables the paint to pass through the pump and load the nib.
3) Test on a sheet of paper or ideally on the surface to be applied to
decoMarker can be used on most surfaces: wood (with a gesso-type undercoat), paper, cardboard, metal, chassis, fabric, photographs, polystyrene, terracotta, ... and several techniques can be applied. The range has a good colour fidelity after drying and excellent lightfastness.


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