Daler Rowney Graduate 24 Colours Oil Paints 22ml

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Daler Rowney graduate oil set 24 x 22ml tubes

Traditionally crafted oil colour with soft buttery conistancy and high pigment loading.

Easy to mix

Great satin finish Surface dry in 4 to 5 days.

Colours included in the set: Titanium white, buff titanium, lemon yellow, cadmium yellow deep hue, vedrmilion hue, primary red, violet, ultramarine, primary blue, sap green, burnt umber, lamp black, ivory black, burnt Sienna, yellow ochre, viridian hue, Coeruleum hue, permanent magenta, Rose madder, cadmium red hue, primary yellow, Naples yellow, portrait pink, zinc mixing white. Fantastic range of colours introduce you to working with oil paint these graduate oils.


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