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  1. Pebeo Vitrail matt medium 45ml pot

    Pebeo Vitrail 45ml Matt Medum. Mixed with the colours to obtain a matt finish, a frosted effect. (Glass paint) Learn More
  2. Pebeo Prisme Fantasy 6 x 20ml paint

    Prisme Fantasy 6 x 20ml. This is a high quality solvent based effect colour paint. 6x 20ml bottles Colours: Eggshell White, Onyx, Englih Red, Pearl Violine, Emerald, Old Gold. They have a really interesting opaque, bright and smooth finish. The paint comes alive as it dries, when the effects really start to work and the unique patterns are revealed. Learn More
  3. Pebeo Mixed Media paint set 10 x 40ml

    Pebeo Work Box Mixed Media Learn More
  4. Pebeo Gutta outlining Paint 20ml Tube assorted colours fabric

    Starting at: £4.75

    Single Tubes of Pebeo Gutta Fabric outlining Paint 20ml.

    The water based guttas have a thick consistancy and are used to create outlines - the Serti technique.

    The colous are pearlescent. The guttas are used directly from the tube and nozzle or from a pipette and gutta nib

    Learn More
  5. Pebeo silver flakes
  6. Gold Leaves 25 leaf pack

    Pebeo Gedeo range of Gold Finish leaves Use these leaves for gilding your objects, will work on wood glass metl plaster. you do need to you a paste to stick it on to the surface. Pebeo do a gilding paste ideal for this job. you need to clean the surface first them apply the paste which takes about 15 minutes to rest before use. The designs and affects are vast and can really make your work shine. Ideal for covering an old picture frame. Also availalable in Silver. Learn More
  7. Pebeo Auxiliaries Studio Acrylics 5 x 40ml Set

    Pebeo Auxiliaries Studio Acrylics 5 x 40ml Set High viscosity auxiliaries Includes: Bindex Studio Gesso Studio (Black) Modelling Paste Studio Sand Texture Gel (White) Phosphorescent gel (colourless green tint) Learn More
  8. Pebeo Siligum Gedeo Siligum Silicone Moulding Paste 100g

    Silicone moulding paste. Exceptional imprint accuracy. For producing ove 50 casts. Rapid setting time of 5 minutes. Flexible and resistant paste for accurate moulding of ornaments and models. Can be used to produce over 50 casts in plaster, resin, low melting point metal or wax. 100g covers and area of about 45x45cm. Learn More
  9. Pebeo setacolor 3-D assorted set of fabric gutter paints

    Pebeo Setacolor 3D Assorted Set 5 x 20ml tubes. Easy to apply, Cut the Nozzle regarding the type of line you want (fine or thick). Clean work without projection. Contains 2 setacolour 3D Gutter: red green, 2 Setacolor 3D Metal ; Yellow Silver, 1 Setacolor Brod'line : White. Apply directly from nozzle, brush or sponge, on pre washed fabrics. Fabric are washable inside out at 40 c after 72hours od drying. Recommend short wash only, no softener, air dry. Adic Free. Learn More
  10. Pebeo Work Box - Setsilk Painting on Silk closed

    Setasilk Workbox 10X45ml Learn More
  11. Pebeo mirror effect leave foils
  12. Pebeo silicon moulds buttons

    Pebeo Gedeo Buttons silicoone mould. The Blue 100% platinum silicone has drainage channel and is unbreable. Self unmolding, Multi - cavity, For all materials. Made in Italy by Pebeo. 13cm x 18.5cm. Idea to use with Pebeo Gedeo crystal or colour resins render incomparable transparency Learn More

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