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Holiday Times!



Getting closer and closer to the big day now!


Looking to be shutting up shop for the festive period from next Wednesday the 19th in time for our holiday break! Definitely think we've earned it this year...


Had an incredibly busy week with online sales last week and completely booked up in the shop with framing! 


Hopefully next Friday we'll be having our annual staff Christmas outing; going out for food and then to the Pantomime at the Playhouse if we can get tickets! Yay!


Just about everything sorted out with this site now and I'm loving it. So impressed with the way it's turned out. Been playing around making up polls and adding finished touches today.


I've just about finished my Christmas shopping for everyone now thankfully! Went into Nottingham on Monday and it was mayhem! Glad I don't have to do that again. Having so much fun wrapping presents up making them look pretty with co ordinating ribbon and tissue paper! Enjoying all the Christmas songs on the radio at the moment making me feel all festive at work!


I'd better get back to doing some 'proper' work now... (plan my lunch)


Until next time xx