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Christmas Madness!



This is my first blog post on our new website! 


Who's great idea was it to set up a new site in December?! Been pretty much none stop for the past few weeks trying to get this finished before Christmas but it's definitely proving to be a bigger job than expected! Finally seem to be making a fair bit of progress now it's just trying to sort all the info and the photos out to make sure everything runs smoothly for everyone. Still a few more categories to fill out and a bit more info to add....

Definitely challenging and time consuming putting in all this effort and staying late to get things organised but in the end it'll all be worth it!

Is it just me or has all this Christmas madness seemed to start early this year? We've been absloutely snowed under (not literally, unfortunately!) with orders both online and in store - organised Christmas shoppers trying to beat the unavoidable 24th December last minute rush! I don't know about you but I love this buzz at this time of the year.

Looking forward to the Christmas Holidays already!


Okay off to daydream about Christmas food now. Mmm....