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  • Is there a difference between a palette knife and a painting knife?

    A palette knife is a really essential artist painting tool for use with oil paint, acrylic paint or thick mediums. Giving you the ability to produce shape, texture or mixing of your acrylic paints or oil colour paint for all levels of artist. Most artists refer to any painting tool...
  • Sennelier Soft pastels Colour list

    Sennelier high quality soft pastels are full of pigment and come in over 500 shade or colours. This is a list of the full range available from them. Truly amazing pastels loved by professional artists around the world.

  • A Brief History of Paper

    We all know what paper is, it’s something that every one of us relies on every day. From an early age it is the physical representation of our imaginations, a blank area for us to enrich with the wild and fantastical thoughts that rush through our minds...

  • Planet Friendly Paper?

    As mentioned in a previous blog, paper plays an important role in everyone’s lives. Far beyond the hand squashed reeds of the Cyperus Papyrus and the donkey powered factories of the 8th century, paper is now an important resource in all areas of art and industry.

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