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Painting with Derwent Inktense

Hi Everyone

Having recently taken a holiday in the Yorkshire Moors, I thought I'd share with you a technique I tried out while I was there.

I did some sketching , not an unusual event  itself but I tried out a  technique I'd personally never used before. As you may know, I am a big fan of Derwents Inktense pencils, but I prefer to use them with a water reservoir pen brush as I feel the line they leave when drawn with is too harsh and impossible to get rid of.

You will see me using this technique when we release the video of my portrait of Clint Eastwood on Local Art Shop's YouTube.

Anyway, I had seen and read of some artists drawing with Inktense then wetting the line after. So I tried it out to see how it worked.

I starting the sketch using the colour Willow, a rich raw sienna, I then wet this line and brought the darker colours over this frame work.


The sketch is of the view from our bedroom window in the lovely Goathland B&B Fairhaven House.