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Sennelier artists 50 sticks Assorted Colours Extra Soft Pastels wooden box

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Sennelier 50 Assorted Colours Extra Soft Pastels Wooden box

Box contains 50 full size soft pastels sticks

We sell Sennelier a soft pastels as we consider them along with a lot of professional artist be one of the best quality soft pastels in the world, would also recommend considering purchasing the Sennelier Pastoral pads as a complimentary products of this.

If you looking for some think of it different to the normal pastel paper should consider Hahnemühle Velour Pastel Paper Pad which really grabs hold of the Sennelier a pastels. The velour is a soft texture paper the fantastic tooth.

The other option the papers. If you looking for some think a little bit different is the art spectrum colourfix pastel primer as you can prime your paper or boards to get a sand paper texture affect which has a fantastic tooth to grab holders your soft pastels with.

The name Sennelier has been synonymous with the finest pastels available in the world, whose intensity of colour and singular velvety feel have been appreciated by pastelists the turn-of-the-century. Sennelier’s first colours were commissioned by Degas, and made the same way today, formed by hand and naturally air dried. Unlike other pastels, Sennelier pastels are pure pigment giving the maximum light fastness and are devoid of any clay, which dull the pastel’s colour. They are so highly concentrated and velvety that the gentlest stroke delivers a solid powerful line of pure colour. Fine variations of shading and the mellowest of tones possible because of their high-quality composition that complements every surface, Sennelier uses the world famous “craie champenoise” to create the varied shades of colour, a white pigment only found in eastern France that is renowned for its beauty and creamy texture. An exclusive natural binder holds the pigments together, yielding vivid, lightfast and water-soluble colour. This set offers a traditional assortment of colours perfect for all types of subjects – landscape, still life, and portrait. The convenient backfires makes this easy to carry for Plein Air painting. The full range of Sennelier colours is available in 525 colours, including various themed sets and wood sets. Sennelier’s softly sanded La Carte Pastel and Latour fixative is the perfect complement to Sennelier soft pastels.


  • Barcode: 3046450366683
  • MPN: N132124
  • Medium: Soft Pastel
  • Box Dimensions : 42 x 19.5 x 4 cm
  • Artists Level: Professional

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