In this section we have one of the best quality ranges of arts and crafts supply online, whether you are a professional with experience or just looking to start a new hobby. We have accessories for all mediums of paint including acrylic paint, oil colour paint and watercolour paints as well as sketching & drawing pastels. Our store includes a great range of students and professional level artist’s paint brushes, artists paint palettes for all levels of use starting from budget plastic to stay wet palette and acrylic paint resistant palettes for easy cleaning. Don’t miss out on art painting accessories for storage of your equipment all at great discounted prices

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  1. Loxley slantwell plastic pallets containing 10 Wells

    Regular Price: £2.61

    Special Price £2.50

    Artists Plastic Slantwell Palette - 10 Wells Rectangle & Round Small oblong palette 5 Round wells 5 Slanted rectangular wells Perfect for watercolour artists Learn More
  2. Stay wet handy palette refill acrylic sheets pack 30

    Regular Price: £9.27

    Special Price £8.00

  3. Plywood Oval kidney paint with thumb hole

    Regular Price: £11.90

    Special Price £9.80

    Loxley Wooden Plywood Oval Palette 350x250mm With Thumb Hole Learn More
  4. Artists oblong plastic palette watercolour paints. Lots of Wells to mixing

    Regular Price: £7.41

    Special Price £6.60

    Oblong Plastic Artists Palette Large Palette 5 Large Wells, 18 Small Wells 350mm x 165mm Learn More
  5. Loxley Strong Kidney palette

    Regular Price: £7.82

    Special Price £6.90

    Plastic Kidney Palette - Large Ideal for water colour and acrylic This popular palette has 17 wells, 5 are large wells and 3 brush standing holes Size - 340mm x 225mm Learn More
  6. Loxley plastic circular palette 17 cm diameter round Wells

    Regular Price: £2.06

    Special Price £2.05

    Plastic Circular Palette 170mm Diameter This inexpensive and very popular 11 well palette is ideal for watercolour artists Learn More
  7. Small plastic rectangular palette with 6 Wells children's poster paints

    Plastic Rectangular Palette Plastic palette with 6 mixing wells Size: 130mm x 90mm Learn More
  8. Large clear plastic Perspex paint palette for oils acrylics or make up

    Regular Price: £10.75

    Special Price £9.20

    Large Clear Kidney Palette Ideal for Artists using Oils, Acrylics, and also make up artists Approx 420mm Good thickness approx 3-4mm Learn More
  9. Loxley, 6 deep well painting palette single palette rectangular

    Regular Price: £5.20

    Special Price £5.15

    As low as: £3.45

    6 Deep Well Palette White Plastic Palette 6 Deep Wells (approx 25mm) approx dimensions 280mm x 185mm Learn More
  10. Loxley 10 deep well paint palette
  11. Artists Perspex kidney shaped plastic pallet. Ideal for acrylic oil or make-up artists

    Regular Price: £8.58

    Special Price £7.50

    White Kidney Palette Large size 430mm x310mm approx ideal for make up artists and painting Learn More
  12. tear off paper palette 36 sheets

    Regular Price: £5.15

    Special Price £4.35

    As low as: £3.75

    Tear off Palette Suitable for Oil, Acrylic & Watercolour 36 Tear Off Sheets Learn More

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