Wolff's Carbon Pencils Sketching Drawing Pencil Graded Rich Tones

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Wolff's Artists Carbon Pencils

Ideal for all sketching, drawing & tonal work

Extra smooth, Pure velverty texture, Rich black tones, Matt finish, Graded: B, 2B, 4B, 6B

Carbon pencils are often considered by artists to be the perfect pencil. They combine the advantages of graphite (sharp lines) and charcoal pencils (rich black lines) without the disadvantages

Carbon pencils enable the artist to produce dramatic black marks, and are perfect for rapid and expressive sketches and drawing.

Special Characteristics of Wolff's & Carbon Pencils.

A very fine grain.

Constistent texture.

No shine when laid down on paper.

Perfct softness.

Rich deep black colour.

Very even graduations possible.

No impurities in the carbon, which means no grittiness.


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