Sennelier Fine Art Oil paint set 6x 21ml Tubes

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Sennelier Fine Artists' Oils 6x 21ml Tubes

The majority of colours are ground with a specially refined safflower oil that yellows less than linseed oil, dries better than poppyseed oil, and gives the paint its buttery texture. When the pigment properties demand it, alkali-refined linseed oil is used to preserve a colour's purity, intenstity and archival nature, this often occurs in darker shades, which are also less susceptible to yellowing. This presentation box contains a superbly balanced selection of 6 colours out of the 144 that comprises the Sennelier oil paint range.

Colours included:

166 Titanium White Series 1

315 Ultramarine Deep Series 2

511 Bright Yellow Series 2

619 Permanent Intense Red Series 4

807 Chromium Green Deep Series 3

202 Burnt Umber Series 1


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