Pebeo Work Box - Vitrail Painting on Glass

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Pebeo Workbox Painting Painting on Glass

10x 45ml Glass Paint

1x 20ml Relief Outliner Tube

Accessories (including brush, sponge and mini palette.)

1x User Guide

Colours included: Sun Yellow, Paprika, Pepper Red, Lazuli, Turquoise, Crimson, Sandalwood, Bengal Pink, Amber Brown, Oriental Green.

Dishwasher resistant colours for glass after baking in kitchen oven at 160°c.

Remarkably transparent shades to decorate glass at it's finest! Particularly brilliant, the water based colours ally professinal quality and simplicity of use. After baking for 40 minutes at 160°c in a kitchen oven, the colours gain in depth and become dishwasher resistant. Keep from freezing.



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